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A bespoke Malta private tours service with 30 years of knowledge in the tourism industry! Malta Shoreline Excursions is dedicated in delivering a memorable private tour experience filled with the top sightseeing attractions around the Maltese Islands.

Upon your inquiry, we will work closely with you to understand what type of experiences and points of interest you are seeking in your private tour. Whether have opted for a tailor made private tour; or would prefer to choose between recommended pre planned excursions, you'll be spoiled for choice with things to do in Malta. The choice is entirely yours!

Malta Shoreline Excursions is able to arrange private day trips, multi-day tours, extended tour packages, and exclusive experiences, including private yacht charters.

We provide services across all of the Maltese Islands. If there is a location you are interested in visiting that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to ask us!

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